Lightweight Decision Organizer for Distributed Teams

Cut through the noise and elevate decision specific discussions. Ensure decisions get made while keeping everyone in the loop.

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Get Decisions Made by Being Organized

  • Keep up momentum by focusing conversations with dedicated channels

  • Explicit handoffs across time zones 

  • Reminders for decision deadlines

  • Channel message for when discussion is in progress

Capture Ad Hoc Decisions 

  • Capture discussions and metadata related to the decision automatically

  • Interface for editing and enhancing decisions with Topic Tags, Context, and Links 

Never Miss Decisions You Care About Again

  • Follow features, systems or team members of interest

  • Get notified when those topics are involved in a decision  

  • Easiest way for managers to stay on top of decisions made across the team 

Search in app or in Slack

  • See the evolution of a product or system feature through the stream of decisions made

  • Search in Slack or WebApp 

Why are we doing this?

We spent the past 10 years leading technology teams. Time and time again, we delivered the biggest impact by bringing autonomy to developers and empowering them to make decisions. We created environments that encouraged collaboration and building trust. These are easier said than done. The challenge is not a matter of knowledge but execution. We are building NorthShore.ai to bring our approach to you and to help you and your team to achieve that next level of productivity and happiness through our software.

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