"Wiki is where knowledge goes to die."

... But why?

NorthShore.ai works with your collaboration tools to ensure important information is always fresh, trusted, and available when and where it's needed.

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Information from different collaboration tools - connected

NorthShore.ai helps you curate and link critical company knowledge from across teams into one place. No migration needed.

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Set expiration date on key knowledge

Assign owners to the information you need to do your job. Build habits to keep it fresh.

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Reduce meetings and the fear of missing out

Get time back by capturing and organizing important information in NorthShore.ai. Decrease the number of announcement meetings.

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Faster, better onboarding

Lighting fast, always updated, role-specific onboarding. A place to visit and learn on day one and refresh after the training wheels have come off.

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Make remote work, work

No matter when and where your team works, our Slack and Chrome integration will help teams across the company stay in sync.


Brian, Director of CS
@ Fin tech Startup

NorthShore.ai helped us automate the process of keeping hundreds of Zendesk Articles and Macros fresh and organized while scaling our support team. I also love how lightweight and easy the onboarding is.


Sameen Karim
Product @ Rockerbox

A great addition to our communication stack. It helps us capture and organize all the valuable knowledge that would otherwise get lost inside Slack. And it ensures the information saved in Notion is up-to-date and easily accessible by the entire team.


Jordan Van Os
CSM @ Mastermind Toys

Made providing product expertise so much easier for our CS Reps. The ability to collect information, store it, and make it readily available to staff no matter what page they are on is crucial to reducing clicks, increasing efficiency, and most importantly elevating our customer experience.

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Set expiration dates on key company knowledge and build a team habit to keep information fresh.