Frequently asked questions

How do I get my Notion token_v2?

Before the release of the official Notion API, needs you to manually provide us your Notion user token. 1. When you have notion opened in Chrome, right click the screen and pick [Inspect]. 2. From the menu, choose [Application]. 3. There's a submenu called [Storage] and [Cookies] will be one of the items inside of it. 4. You will see "token_v2" as one of the Name/Value pair displayed. 5. Copy the Value of "token_v2" and paste into our Settings page.

How do I integration with Zendesk

1) Generate the Zendesk user token per these instructions 2) Visit the integration page ( and add the following - The Token - Email address of the person that generated the token - Your Zendesk domain. It is the URL of your Zendesk account. (E.g., [your_domain]

How do I merge knowledge topics within a topic group?

You need to be an admin. Visit To merge 2 topics within a topic group, edit the name of the topic you want to remove to be the same as the topic you plan to keep. After clicking yes to a warning message, the system will allow you combine these 2 topics. For example, you want to merge [Common Issues] into [Common Errors]. Edit [Common Issues] to be [Common Errors] and press save (checkmark).