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Discuss ideas and create long form content with your community


" I have been blown away by CharmVerse’s pace of development. With the introduction of their forum that includes features such as threaded comments, upvoting/downvoting, and other best in class discussion features, they are yet another step closer to becoming the complete solution for any and all web3 communities. After trying numerous other tools, the choice for me is clear: choose CharmVerse. "

- Jonathan Allen, Core Contributor of BitDAO & Game7

Create your first web3 space's free!

Token-Gated Forum

A forum that is gated by your tokens and NFTs! Assign roles based on token holdings and control access by category for each role. A central source for conversations that matter.

Threaded comments make the conversation easy to follow

Discussions bring communities together.

Posts by topic to keep the discussion organized

Forum threaded conversation
Forum feed example
Forum category menu

Collaborate on your time

Asynchronous conversations make it better for everyone to participate

Take your time to consider and write thoughtful responses

Don’t miss an important conversation because you were not online at the right time

Get notified when someone responds to your post or comment

Forum nexus notifications

Flexible for any use case

Forum kokonut network long post

Share everything from photos to long-form posts.

Forum cute pet post

Flexible for any use case

  • Governance 

  • Discuss Initiatives

  • Random water cooler gossip

  • FAQS & Support

forum faq post

Help others find the good stuff - upvote your favorite posts or downvote weak content

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