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CharmVerse for
Gitcoin Grant

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CharmVerse      's Impact Communities

That's why we are building spaces for all Gitcoin Grant Applicants in Gitcoin's on-chain project registry!

CharmVerse's web3 community platform is completely free forever for impact projects building in public with 100% of the content viewable by anyone on the internet. For others, paid plans are rolling out in July 2023.

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Why do you need CharmVerse for your project?

1. Collect recurring donations

2. Project-specific access


3. Vote on initiatives

4. Engage volunteers


5. Control donor privacy


How do I claim my space?

First, verify that we have already built your project's space here.

We are building the spaces in batches. Eventually, we will build them all.

Signup for CharmVerse with a project owner's wallet.  All project owners recorded in the registry will be admins of the project space.

Click "Sign up" and select MetaMask, WallConnect, or Coinbase Wallet to connect a wallet

listed in Gitcoin's project registry.

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