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Full Lifecycle Tracking for Grants!

1. Provide transparency in your process

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2. Build effective proposals to select grant recipients

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3. Track project milestones and payments


4. Enable better networking 


has been

Charmed by CharmVerse

Optimism Grants Council chose CharmVerse as their operations platform! Find out why here.

" CharmVerse has numerous strengths. The team is highly responsive and values feedback. Their unique features like the proposal builder and comprehensive database capabilities set them apart."

- Gonna.eth, Optimism Grants Council Operations Manager

with Grant Recipient template!

1. Provide transparency in your process

Manage grants from start to finish.  The entire process can happen in your CharmVerse space.

Detail the process for the grant provider, applicant, and recipient all in one place

Grants info all in one place

Have in-depth discussions in a token-gated forum

Collect applications with an embedded Google Form or Typeform.

Feed form responses to a CharmVerse database

choose database data source
embedded google form to collect applications
form response feed in charmverse

2.Build effective proposals to select grant recipients

Build proposals for finalists with application response data

Control who can review and vote on each project proposal

grant proposal example
set proposal category permissions

Discuss, review, and vote within CharmVerse or send to Snapshot

vote in charmverse or send to snapshot

3.Track project milestones and payments

Once grant recipients are chosen, milestones and payments can be tracked within CharmVerse

Build a project milestone database

Choose table, kanban, or gallery view

Unlock payment when milestone is acheived

milestone tracking database

4. Enable better networking

  CharmVerse automatically builds a Member Directory as users join your space.

Create custom profile properties to collect information important to your project

Display member's role. Show bio, team, skills & interests

member directory for grant projects

Grant providers can get to know applicants

Project contributors can learn about their teammates

charmverse high five

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