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Power your Hackathon

1. Facilitate team formation and project discovery


2. Provide transparency in the judging process

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3. Enable better networking among event participants


4. Manage project submissions


with Hackathon template!

project discovery

1. Facilitate project discovery and team formation

Build  a database for project idea submissions.

Participants can share and discuss ideas, form teams, and get hacking!

project discovery Charm database screenshot

2. Provide transparency in the judging process

hackathon rubric page screenshot
hackathon results page screenshot
hackathon space sidebar
share pop-up

Create a page or database to share the judging criteria and rating scale with hackers and judges

Allow judges to score and vote within CharmVerse

Choose level of transparency - judges' scoring can be public, private, or anonymous

Submission database can be private during the event and public once results are finalized


3. Enable better networking among participants

Judges and hackers can get to know each other through the Member Directory.  CharmVerse automatically builds a Member Directory as users join your space.

Create custom profile properties to collect information important to your event.

Display participant's role - hacker, speaker, judge, etc. Show bio, team, skills & interests

hackathon member directory row 1 screenshot
hackathon member directory row 2 screenshot

4. Manage project submissions

Embed a Google Form or Typeform to collect project submissions. 

empty project submissions database example

Automatically link form responses to a

Charm Database.

project submission form example

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