How It Works

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Not another wiki

Integrate with your existing knowledge bases to unearth critical company knowledge you already have. No migration needed.

Implement ownership across platforms

Assign owner or team of owners to periodically verify/validate each piece of knowledge to ensure trust and relevancy. 

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Access anywhere

Knowledge is always available at the right time and place via Slack or Chrome. No need to leave your workflow

Personalized knowledge based on your social connections

Stay in the loop by following peers and experts in your company. Say goodbye to low-quality notifications.

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Personalized knowledge delivered to you based on topics, teams and individuals you follow

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Discover knowledge through what and who others follow

Instant role-based onboarding plan

Easily pull together organized and fresh knowledge new employees need to do their jobs. Accessible day 1, day 30, and beyond.

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A knowledge network that brings superpowers to your existing knowledge bases

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