How It Works

Organize information into single source of truth
  • Manage knowledge that matters. Best for frequently used knowledge when accuracy is important to the team

  • Save information into self-contained Knowledge Blocks

  • Assign owner, team, topics to keep your team organized

Powerful Slack integration

Access, create, share and update knowledge without ever leaving Slack. 

Build trust through periodic verification by your experts

Designate an expert verifier and a verification interval for each Knowledge Block to ensure that critical information your team depends on is kept up-to-date​. We'll ask your experts to periodically check and verify, update or archive knowledge they own in our system.

Help your experts shape team behavior, one answer at a time

With a few clicks in Slack, your experts can answer repeated questions with Knowledge Blocks they created. Over time, their teammates will learn that they can find the most up-to-date information directly in, saving your experts countless hours.  

Stay in the loop

Subscribe to Teams, Team Members or Topics you care about and get notified when new knowledge or decisions are added, keeping you in the loop

Dedicated Slack Channel for Decision Discussions

Elevate important decision discussions by separating them into a dedicated channel with 1 command.

  • Notifications to others for when the discussion is happening and when the decision is made

  • Enhance decision records with Topics, and background conversations

  • Due date reminders

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Knowledge verified by your experts, available where you work | New York, NY

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