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Investment Clubs and Venture DAOs

1. Token-gate privileged materials

2. Provide deal-level access

3. Vote on investments

4. Build transparent investor reputation

5. Facilitate regulatory client interactions

1. Token-Gate Privileged Materials

Give membership-only access using NFTs or DAO tokens as keys. Support Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony & most EVM compatible chains

2. Provide Deal-Level Access

Assign roles based on the holding of deal-specific NFTs

Allow access to investment updates and facilitate post-investment support

3. Vote on investments

Create custom proposal templates

Collaborate on proposal drafts

Implement voting thresholds and approval steps

Choose where to vote: CharmVerse or Snapshot


4. Build Transparent investor reputation

Settle payments via Gnosis Safe with ETH, USDC, custom tokens and more

Reward members for leads and LP intros with bounties

Contributions are tracked and displayed on member profiles

5. Facilitate regulatory compliant interactions

Automate role management via multiple token-gate + role pairs

Assign expanded roles for qualified investors and special roles for KYC'ed members

Limit view/apply access to compliant roles only

Token Gate
Deal Access

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