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CharmVerse for NFT Communities!


1. Member-only access

VIP Access

2. Keep your community informed

web3 wiki
engage the mambers of your web3 community

3. Engage your members

4. Build a community directory

member directory

1. Member-Only Access

Give member-only access to exclusive content using your NFTs as keys.

Support Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche & most EVM compatible chains

Invite link and role pairs

Fine tune access with roles. Automatically assign roles based on token holdings. Import roles from Discord or Guild, or create new ones.

CharmVerse navigation menu in sidebar
Gate exclusive content
role-based access control

2. Keep Your Community Informed

Build a home base for your community.

Onboard new members, provide the latest updates and information, share your NFT collection stats with Dune embeds.

build an onboarding page
build a home base for your web3 community
provide members with latest news and updates
Share NFT collection stats with Dune embeds

with NFT Community template!

3. Engage Your Members

Give your members a voice to shape the future of the project

CharmVerse inline polls
CharmVerse Proposal Builder

4. Build a Community Directory

CharmVerse automatically builds a Member Directory as users join your workspace.

Customize the information collected from members and control who has access to the data

Help members build meaningful relationships with each other.

Facilitate building whitelists for future airdrops.

CharmVerse automatically builds a member directory
membership directory information is customizable

Try CharmVerse's free!

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