1. Verify important info periodically by your experts

  2. Bi-directional sync between Notion &

Robust Slack integration

Go beyond notifications only when content is edited. enables you to access, create, share and update knowledge without ever leaving Slack. Follow coworkers, teams or topics you care about. When knowledge is created or changed, we'll keep you updated.

Trust the knowledge you find

Store knowledge in bite-size pieces in Assign owner to each knowledge block. We'll ask your experts to periodically check and verify, update or archive knowledge they own in our system. Keep critical information always up-to-date and bring trust back to knowledge again. 

Out of the box templates

No need to start with a blank canvas. Get started with one of our template sets or individual templates. 

Product Management

Manage customer feedback, user research, bug tracking and sprint retrospective with these templates.

Product Mgmt Templates Preview.png

Customer Success

Manage the single source of truth in customer success teams such as FAQs, Customer feedback, account tracking and troubleshooting guides.

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 4.04.39 PM.png

Knowledge verified by your experts, available where you work 

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