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Scale Knowledge Management in Notion 

Bring true ownership to knowledge stored in Notion. Ensure key information is correct and up-to-date. Access it without leaving your workflow via our tightly integrated browser extension and chat app. ​

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Bring knowledge ownership to Notion

Curate Notion blocks that matter. Leverage's verification engine to ensure that knowledge is regularly checked and verified, updated, or archived.

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Access knowledge in your workflow when it matters most

Go beyond change notifications. Access, search and capture information you need directly in your browser or in your chat app. 

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Work seamlessly with your team's tools

Some key knowledge resides outside of Notion. links information you need from Google Workspace, Zendesk, Confluence, etc into one single place with Notion.


Personalize knowledge discovery. Go beyond search

Stay in the loop by following peers and experts in your company or topics of interest. Say goodbye to low-quality notifications.

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The quality of onboarding, system flexibility, integrations, and the automated knowledge verification has been a huge lift for our teams’ efficiency. 

Josh Levine

Director of Engineering @ Splice