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Case Study: OP Grants chooses CharmVerse for their Operations

Updated: Oct 18, 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of the Optimism ecosystem, there stands a notable player: Optimism Grants. Under the umbrella of Token House, they’ve committed themselves to reshaping the grant distribution process, aiming for efficiency, accountability, and a well-orchestrated process. OP Grants comes in two forms: Builders and Growth. Builders is dedicated to supporting teams that bring more devs into the ecosystem while Growth has the goal of bringing more users to projects built on Optimism.

Yet, with an escalating workload, they faced a challenge - finding a platform to power their mission, manage their breadth of work, and provide some relief to their dedicated delegates.

The Decision

The solution emerged after careful consideration: Charmverse. This vibrant web3 platform caught their attention when applying for a builders grant on S3. Even in its early stages, Charmverse stood out with its adaptability - a characteristic the Council found resonant with their goals. Charmverse was chosen by Optimism Grants for a few key reasons. First, their adaptability and ease of use were key factors in their selection. The ability to start from scratch and build exactly what's needed was a strong point in their favor. They also provide a roles feature which allows for extensive access control. Coupled with a token-gating feature, it makes it possible for future Council members to be identified on-chain and carry on operations seamlessly.

Insider Perspective

Gonna.eth, one of the organization’s front-runners, candidly discussed their previous operational hurdles. “Our toolkit was limited to Discourse and Google Sheet to score proposals. Finding the right tool for OP grants was a real challenge,” he shared.

He further explained why Charmverse made the cut. “CharmVerse has numerous strengths. The team is highly responsive and values feedback. Their unique features like the proposal builder and comprehensive database capabilities set them apart,” said Gonna, highlighting Charmverse’s distinct edge. The added benefit of having a personalized website to streamline operations was a major draw.

“One of Optimism’s core values is open-source building and transparency, aligning well with CharmVerse’s ethos,” Gonna added.

Council’s Perspective

The Council’s endorsement for Charmverse pivoted on key strengths. They commended the platform’s adaptability and ease of use, crucial for smooth operations. “The platform is clearly inspired by Notion, and if you’re familiar with Notion, you’ll be up and running in no time. It offers incredible adaptability; simply open a new page and start creating whatever you need,” the Council noted.

CharmVerse’s understanding of the grant process further elevated the Council’s confidence in the platform.

Future Forward

Although the stakes are high for an organization like OP Grants, the Council and Gonna.eth are optimistic about their partnership with Charmverse. They’re eager to see how Charmverse’s unique features and proactive approach will amplify the value for the Optimism teams and are looking forward to work with the team to improve the grant capabilities supported by CharmVerse.

By embracing Charmverse, Optimism Grants has marked a significant advancement in refining its processes within the broader framework of Token House governance - a move that signals an exciting future for the Optimism ecosystem.

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