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Web3 Snapshot: 10 Token Gating Projects

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What are token gates?

Imagine a special club where, instead of a secret handshake or password, you need a shiny digital token to get in. This is what a token gate does! In the world of online apps, some cool features are like VIP lounges, and to get in, you need a specific digital coin.

Just like how bouncers check if you're on the list, these online gates have a smart helper (called a smart contract) that checks if you have the right coin. If you do, voila! You're in!

Think of dApps as online clubs, and their special features are the VIP sections. Some tools, like CharmVerse, make it super easy for these clubs to set up their VIP sections. They let club owners decide who gets to dance in the VIP and who doesn’t, all based on what digital coins or tokens you have.

CharmVerse Lists: 10 Token Gating Projects
CharmVerse Lists: 10 Token Gating Projects

We asked a humanDAO Pocket Assistant to pull together a list of 10 Token Gating Projects. Here is what they found!

Community Management | Software

Collab.Land is an add-on bot that a moderator of a Discord or Telegram-based crypto community can download. The bot manages access to the community by verifying ownership of digital assets specified by an admin of the group. If a member sells the asset that allowed them access, the bot will boot them from the community.

Lit Protocol

Security | Protocol

Lit is open source, decentralized cryptography for access control, computation, and encryption. You can store encrypted, private data on the open web and use Lit to provision decentralized keys to users based on on-chain data, like the assets they hold in their wallet.


Community Management | Software

Guild provides token-enabled membership with a real-time query engine. You create a guild and define the membership requirements, and Guild lets in qualified members only. Then give your guild access to Discord, Telegram, management tools or games.


Security | Software

Tokenproof allows users to prove ownership of NFTs and pass through a token gate without connecting or even carrying their wallet. Tokenproof's app can be used by verifiers to grant access to events, services and other token gates.

PROOF Collective

Digital Content | IRL Experiences | Virtual Experiences

PROOF Collective NFT holders (there are only 1000!) will gain membership which includes access to their private Discord, early access to the PROOF podcast, in-person events, and other collaborations created exclusively for PROOF Collective members.

Flyfish Club

Membership Club | IRL Experiences

Flyfish Club (FFC) is the world's first member's only private dining club. Membership can be granted and purchased on the blockchain as an NFT. Token holders will gain unlimited access to the restaurant and various culinary, cultural, and social experiences in the lower east side neighborhood of Manhattan.

Stoner Cats

NFT Project | Digital Content | Virtual Experiences

Stoner Cats is an adult cartoon developed by Orchard Farm Productions (Mila Kunis’s production company with her partners Cami Curtis and Lisa Sterbakov). The only way to watch is to hold a Stoner Cats TOKEn. The NFT also grants you access to an exclusive club of Stoner Cats co-creators. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes and storyboarding sessions, vote on what happens next in the story, and even receive custom merch!

Creature World

NFT Project | IRL Experiences

Virtual Experiences | Physical Products

Creature World's NFT Art Collection of the same name contains 10,000 unique creatures. Holding a single creature gives you access to all Creature World exclusive experiences including a digital realm you can explore with your creature, participatory art projects, and irl events like a bouncy house adventure course in NYC! Holding a creature also scores you a customized Creature World varsity jacket - a conversation starter for sure!


NFT Project | Digital Content

Virtual Experiences | Physical Products

Azuki NFT holders gain membership access to a special metaverse known as “The Garden.” A website also has a shop where members can purchase wearables and other items. Other perks include exclusive airdrops and experiences, such as live metaverse concerts, and other events.


Community Management | Software

That's right! CharmVerse is a token gating project, too! If you don't know about us, CharmVerse is a Web3 community platform for members, collaboration and governance. It is a place for community contributors to coordinate day-to-day work, sign in with crypto wallets, and unlock workspaces with custom tokens/NFTs.

What are some of the use cases for token gates?

There are numerous benefits token gates can provide in community collaboration. Some of the examples include:

  1. Treasure Hunts and Rewards: Imagine a digital playground where, if you play nice and help others, you're given a golden ticket. This ticket (or token) lets you access hidden parts of the playground. Token gates are like these secret doors – they reward the best players.

  2. Exclusive Clubs: Think of your favorite exclusive party. Not everyone can get in. It's limited, special, and unique, making it super sought-after. Token gates work like that; they make some online spaces feel like VIP sections in a club.

  3. The Toll Bridge: Remember the story of the troll under the bridge, asking for a fee to cross? Token gates can act like that (minus the troll), where you give a small token fee to access some cool online service or content.

  4. Fair Play, No Middleman: Imagine a game where everyone knows the rules, and they never change. Plus, there's no referee, because everyone trusts the system. That's what token gates do – they create a fair play space where you don’t need a middleman to ensure everyone's playing by the rules.

  5. Guard Dogs for Your Data: Think of token gates as fluffy but fierce guard dogs. They sit in front of valuable or sensitive online stuff and make sure only the right people with the right tokens get in, keeping everything extra safe.

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