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How to grow your web3 community?

The key methods to grow your NFT or web3 community
How to grow web3 community

Growing your token community is closely tied to achieving your project's goals- nothing new so far... However, what is crucial is to attract new members that fit the community's values and aspirations, which in itself gives real value to your organization. After all, they say that a community's best assets are its members and its members' biggest strength is the community.

So how do you make yourself heard in the web3 ocean of information?

1. Invest in quality content: Gathering a crowd of interesting and engaged enthusiasts around your project can only happen if you can speak their language. Determine who your target audience is and create varied content that provides value to them. While not necessarily pointing at your specific community's work, sharing resources on matters that directly relate to the niche you operate in is a subtle way to attract the right people around your organization. These people will then be a lot easier to convert into the members, contributors or supporter you are seeking to grow. Two key aspects to look for in content creation: quality and consistency. These will make sure your content gets distributed wider and sets you up with legitimacy in your space.

2. Leverage social media: Web3 isn't moving from social media any time soon- it's actually giving the opportunity for new types of socials to emerge (#Deso)! Make sure to establish yourself across the different relevant platforms to increase your reach. Use these at your advantage to build a narrative around your community and the goals it strives to achieve. Focus on building three key components: statements, graphics and symbols that define your organization. Make your audience feel part of your story and find ways and put forward the values that your community embodies. This will help you build a common ideal within a group of interested and interesting individuals, filtering in the contributors that fin in the most.

3. Develop relationships with other founders and leaders in the space: Your community's value is highly impacted by its social capital, so make sure to maximize it. By forming ties with other industry leaders, your community will gain in relevance and legitimacy in its space. Find other communities to collaborate with and leverage the composability of web3 protocols- it's easier to build around what is already working! Fostering the expansion of networks and social capital within your community will allow it to attract high-quality members that will work towards that goal and enable growth exponentially.

4. Build a base of true fans: The engagement of contributors within your online community will vary depending on each member's interests or availability. Your goal will be to build a base of true supporters, that will go beyond what is required from common community contributors in engaging with your mission. Incentivizing people for meaningful inputs can be done through bounties and/or access to exclusive valuable content for true fan. These can be a powerful strategy to attract those, even for the most decentralized organizations. Few are willing to do it, but true fans will be the engine of your community's success.

5. Use web3 productivity tools: When your token community is getting sufficient traction, the key will be to keep members involved and meaningfully engaged. For this reason Web3 productivity tools are a must for web3 builders. They allow to considerably improve collaboration while accessing features that are native to the space. Web2 tools will simply not work for token communities in the long run. The space has specific needs in terms of decentralized governance, reputation and accountability as well as new means of compensation. Find yourself the right web3 platforms to support your community growth. They make sure teams are able to build relationships, making them much more responsive and efficient.

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