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humanDAO - Humanizing Technologies

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

I want to tell you about a really inspiring project I stumbled upon: humanDAO! humanDAO is a prime example of a social impact DAO with a mission to improve lives through crypto.

HDAO Improving Lives Through Crypto
humanDAO's mission is to utilize cryptocurrency and platforms to help the underserved communities

A few years ago, many people did not believe that we can earn through gaming, doing gigs, and small tasks; until it was possible. Through the years, the web continued to evolve through the consistent ingenuity of the builders. With that persistence and imagination, humanDAO came to be; an autonomous, decentralized organization created to utilize cryptocurrency and platforms to help the underserved communities; quite ambitious but it is surely alive and growing.

A cause, now a mission

This organization continues to strive and build its chain of networks through various projects and missions; examples are the humanDAO Academy and humanDAO Pocket Assistant Program. humanDAO Academy offers accessible web3 training modules to help onboard new members to web3. The Pocket Assistant program further provides opportunities for graduates of the Academy to earn a living as a Pocket Assistant, completing personal, administrative, lead generation and web3 research tasks in exchange for crypto. humanDAO builds communities that surround itself in helping, earning, and learning; help can be in forms of education, work, or lending. They mainly focus on helping the underserved communities. They have built a platform of opportunities intended to lift up these communities. In fact, 80% of humanDAO’s assets goes directly to the community, strengthening HDAO's social impact and solidifying its members with training, games, memes, and meetings in its discord server.

The product of ingenuity and sincerity

humanDAO cements itself as an open, and globally competitive platform that accepts and develops individuals who are willing to learn and adapt in web3. This organization displays and proves itself to its community that they are there to assist and serve, living up to their mission to “improve lives through crypto”. The humanDAO itself has a platform wherein its community and users can earn directly from them, not involving a third-party user to do so.

The minds behind the organization

The founder of humanDAO, Christopher Chase, is an avid learner, a web3 builder, who is active in talking about the shifts in the global market, and the happenings inside web3. Co-founders and Collaborators: Mona El Isa, DeFiDad, Diana Chen, Above Average Joe, R Ross Campbell, and Tyrone V. Ross Jr. - these are just a few of the many minds behind this great social impact project.

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