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Intro to Web3: What is an Impact DAO

If you've dipped even a toe into the world of web3, chances are the term DAO has crossed your path. In short, a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, functions through smart contracts and blockchain technology, enabling participants to collectively make decisions and manage resources without a central authority.

The concept of DAOs has continually evolved over time, generating excitement about their potential impact on the future of work. If you're still wrapping your head around the concept of a DAO, you should check out our "What is a DAO" blog post. Take your time – we'll be here when you're ready.

Great, now that you're more familiar with DAOs, let's delve into my favorite type: the Impact DAO, a community centered around doing good for the world!

Impact DAOs have emerged to lead the way into a new phase of the internet, with the goal of ensuring a more promising future for everyone

Impact DAOs: Collaborating for Positive Change

An "Impact DAO" refers to a web3 community that utilizes the principles of decentralization and blockchain to facilitate and finance projects, initiatives, or endeavors that contribute positively to society or the environment. created with the specific goal of generating positive social or environmental outcomes. This encompasses areas like sustainability, poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, community development, and more. Members of an Impact DAO can contribute their resources, typically in the form of cryptocurrency or tokens, and collaboratively determine which projects to support, oversee progress, and allocate resources accordingly.

The concept of an Impact DAO aligns with the larger movement of utilizing blockchain and decentralized solutions to address social and environmental issues. This approach emphasizes transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in decision-making processes while working towards resolving these challenges.

The Landscape of Impact DAOs

Impact DAO Media serves as an invaluable resource for all things Impact DAO. They break impact communities into various categories and provides insight into the missions they are dedicated to pursuing.

Enabler DAOs drive impact by offering training, funding, and infrastructure support. They are considered meta DAOs as they don't directly execute impact initiatives. Instances include Gitcoin for funding or Impact DAO Media for research. Enabler DAOs can be categorized by their specific services like funding, media, or education.

Climate DAOs such as Kokonut DAO (agriculture) and Klima DAO (carbon credits) are dedicated to combating climate change. These climate DAOs concentrate on areas such as agriculture, carbon credits, land regeneration, and tokenizing natural assets.

Social Impact DAOs are committed to enhancing the quality of people's lives, particularly in areas such as social and financial inclusion, hyper-local mutual aid, and humanitarian assistance. Notable instances include Human DAO (financial inclusion) and Ukraine DAO (disaster management).

DeSci DAOs operate within scientific research, funding, and innovation realms. Examples include Vita DAO (longevity) and Valley DAO (synthetic biology). Based on their primary activities, these DAOs can be categorized as research publishers, funders, or innovation incubators.

Navigating Global Community Collaboration in Web3

You might wonder about the coordination and collaboration of these globally dispersed communities. Web3 has ushered in a variety of tools to aid these communities in their missions. However, communities often experience tool overload, using numerous tools that lack cohesion. Nevertheless, comprehensive tools exist, providing members with permissionless access, task and member management, discussion forums, governance tools, and more. CharmVerse serves as an excellent illustration of such a platform, offering token communities a solution to foster relationships, cooperation, and voting.

Powering the Future of Work through Web3. The solution for token communities to build relationships, work together and vote

Start Building Your Impact Community

Let's revisit the What is a DAO post we referenced earlier to summarize some steps you can take to get started on building an impact community today!

  1. Creating a Mission Statement and Define Goals

  2. Building a Community

  3. Using Community Tools (psst! Remember when we talked about CharmVerse...)

  4. Establishing Funding Goals

  5. Discovering Governance

  6. Determining Ownership

Impact DAOs: A New Era for a Promising Future

Impact DAOs have emerged to lead the way into a new phase of the internet, with the goal of ensuring a more promising future for everyone. Whether during the foundational phases of creating a DAO or throughout its active operations, a dedication to transparency and democracy is clearly evident.

As people come together under a shared objective of effecting positive transformation, their combined impact surpasses that of an individual. Aided by the potentials of web3 and blockchain technology, global collaboration and coordination result in even more far-reaching positive effects.

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