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Metaschool: EdTech & Building a Start-up in Web3

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

CharmVerse chats with Metaschool about EdTech and building a startup in web3
CharmVerse chats with Metaschool about EdTech and building a startup in web3

CharmVerse was happy to host a Twitter Space with guests Fatima Rizwan, founder, and Ali Hassan of Metaschool - a social learning club in web3. Fatima and Ali chat with CharmVerse's Xandra Dozet about education technology (EdTech) and their experiences building a web3 startup.

Excerpts from the chat:

Fatima: "...Metaschool is a new tech platform that makes it very easy for developers who are in the web2 ecosystem [to make the move to web3]. They are experienced, but now they believe in the web3 ecosystem as well. And they want to move and they want to find jobs and full time gigs and opportunities in the [web3] ecosystem. And we launched the platform almost six months ago at the start of this year. And so far as we speak, we have more than 80,000 developers who have signed up on our platform... These developers are coming from India, US, Africa, and then deeper pockets in Southeast Asian market as well. So it has been an exciting ride so far and amazing experience working with developers from these diverse backgrounds as well...

... And then again, we felt that if you want to see where the future of an ecosystem is going to be, you need to closely look at what the nerds are doing. I think in the last 18 months I felt like a lot of nerds are really serious about this ecosystem and they're spending a lot of time thinking about the future of decentralization and how the control needs to be given back to the individuals as well. And this is something I personally felt as well, like decentralization is something which is very close to my heart. Again, we felt like developers who are in the web2 ecosystem, they need a platform where they can go, they can learn about the system, smart contracts and then they can build and ship something of their own and as a result, they can find opportunities in the space as well. So yeah, that's how I got interested into the space and launched this platform as well."

Ali: "So I've had a very interesting experience with big tech. I usually join startups when they're in their earlier middle tier phase and then eventually see them as big tech. So have had a fair share of experience with startups. But to be fairly honest, I think I got into web3 because I wanted to make a bit of money and began mining for Ethereum and I think when I began to mine Ethereum, I eventually figured out that ever since I began mining, it went through that initial phase of a good sort of boost in terms of price and then it had a massive drop. So at that point in time, what basically happened was I was getting into it because I had no understanding of it. I just saw a couple of people on YouTube posting videos in terms of mining Ethereum and talking about web3. But eventually I realized if you really want to understand or make a contribution to web3, then it has to be beyond cryptocurrency. But besides that, I think one thing people don't understand, particularly even in tech industries as well, is Web3 is so substantially larger than just cryptocurrency and that idea just fascinated me. The idea of how smart contracts can take over the world and will take over the world is something that I really wanted to get behind. So the mission of thinking about Metaschool and how all of the Web3 educators and the nerds, as Fatima just mentioned, were coming together in one place just made that much sense to be part of this."

You can listen to the entire Twitter Space here:

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