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Here to Help: 5 Things to do to prepare for your career in web3

Web3 is a growing industry. Lots of people are leaving their web2 jobs to find their new career in web3. Companies are hiring and DAOs are looking for members. But how to make the leap? What do I need to know? How do I make those first steps towards my new career?

Where to start

Well, we're here to help! We reached out to our friend, Rachel Price Sitman, Founder of xCollective. "xCollective is a professional growth community, with a mission to open ~virtual~ doors and help people get paid jobs in web3 by providing career coaching, networking & negotiation tips." That being said, Rachel seemed like the perfect person to reach out to for advice on this topic. So we asked, "What are the top 5 things to do to prepare yourself for starting your work in web3?" And here is what she said:

  1. Read

  2. Network

  3. Signal

  4. Practice

  5. Celebrate

Well, that's not all she said. Let's look at these individually to see how you can prepare to make your move into web3!


Get smart on all things web3. Follow projects, DAOs, and news outlets on Twitter. Sign up for newsletters like Boys Club and xCollective (subscribe right from their Twitter profiles in 1 click).


Talk to people working in web3. Interview them. Ask questions. What do they do? What skills do they use from their web2 world? How did they get the job? Listen to xCollective's Work in Web3 Wednesday Twitter spaces to learn about women & nonbinary peoples' experiences working in web3.


Open up your Twitter profile. What does your bio say? Does it convey the things that you want others to connect with you about? This bio is so important for networking. Use it to express what you are looking to do and/or learn in the space! For example..."I love onboarding people to web3 and new communities. I'm seeking a community manager position and hoping to network with as many community builders in web3 to learn more about their roles 🙂 If this is you, please reach out!"


Prepare for interviews! Practice out loud and in front of a mirror. Do role plays with friends. Join professional communities like xCollective, Surge, and Crypto Tech Women to find friends who are also looking for work in the space and prep for interviews together. Make sure to have interesting questions before an interview to show your genuine interest and that you did your homework.


Celebrate the small wins. This doesn't just mean when you get the job. Celebrate when you get an interview, hear back from a company or hiring manager, find a role that is a great fit for you on a noisy job board. There is a lot happening in web3, crypto & the greater world. You should be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there. Your next company is out there right now looking for YOU. It's just a matter of time before you land your dream role!

Go get 'em!

You now have a list of actions you can start taking today to prepare for your move to web3. It's an exciting and ever growing industry that is always looking to onboard enthusiastic people.

Huge shoutout to Rachel, for taking the time to lend us her experience and knowledge in this field. Fun fact: Rachel was one of the first people I met in this industry and has proven time and again to be an amazing resource and valuable friend.

Now go start tackling the above list! And be sure to celebrate that first step, because it is a win!

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