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Building public goods? Get CharmVerse for FREE

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

We are huge fans of public good projects at CharmVerse. After all, we are an open-source project ourselves. If you are building a web3 impact org, nonprofit, or open-source project and looking for help in better member management/recognition, task coordination, contributor engagement, and more structured governance, look no further. Let CharmVerse help you with your operations so you can focus on what matters - making the world a better place.

For those who are building and growing communities in the open, we are here to support you. If your CharmVerse workspace is 100% open to the public, CharmVerse is free to use*, even when our paid plans come into effect. Here’s how to set up your workspace for a public goods project.

*Our resources are limited. We cannot support an unreasonable amount of data storage. Please contact us if you are looking to store a massive amount of media content.

Getting Started

To get started, visit and create a new workspace. Give it a workspace name and a domain name. Customize it with your project’s logo.

CharmVerse login page

Configuring a Public Workspace

The easiest way to establish an open workspace is by selecting Public workspace in Settings & Members, under Roles & Permissions. This will automatically make all pages, databases, proposals, and bounties viewable by everyone.

Settings screen for setting up a public workspace

Adding the Core Team

Even though the workspace is viewable by all, the free plan comes with 1 role for determining members that have edit permissions. There are 2 ways admins can invite users to this Workspace:

  1. Private Invite Links: Anyone with this link can join your workspace.

  2. Token Gates: Control access to your workspace automatically with tokens/NFTs.

The screenshot below shows an example where holding at least 1 token from the smart contract 0xc12fef4892e49a83a9469c64494e781452b6ba0e will grant the member the "Core Contributors" role.

Settings screen for inviting others

Building your public good project on CharmVerse

Better member management/recognition, task coordination, contributor engagement, and more structured governance, don't have to be a luxury for your open organization. Visit to start your free workspace.

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