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Supercharge Your Web3 Productivity: Make the Leap from Notion to CharmVerse

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Switching platforms can be a daunting task, we've all been there. However, what do you do when the tool you have been using doesn't evolve for the work you're trying to do? Notion has been a great tool, we have been using it ourselves for years. However, we found ourselves yearning for a productivity tool that integrates with our work in Web3. A tool that allows us to better coordinate and collaborate with our Web3 communities. A platform that is Web3 friendly, but not scary for Web2 folks.

Enter CharmVerse, a Web3 community platform that brings together onboarding, payment management, proposals, project trackers, discussion forum, and data repositories in one place.

The All-In-One Solution for Web3 Communities

Role-based access control

Grant roles based on a wallet's token holding
Use NFTs or custom tokens as keys to your space

Web3 Communities require a collaborative space that is built on a foundation of trust and transparency. CharmVerse is the solution, serving as a token-gated app that empowers admins to grant roles based on a wallet's token holding, By using NFTs or custom tokens as keys one can choose which sections of a space are gated by specific token conditions.

CharmVerse, currently compatible with most EVM-compatible chains, allows you to establish a permissionless collaborative space, offering both trust and transparency.

Member Directory & Forum

The Member Directory and Forum are features of CharmVerse's integrated platform that help you engage with your Web3 community.

The CharmVerse Member Directory offers members the opportunity to build meaningful connections with their peers. The directory is automatically generated as contributors join the space. Admins have the flexibility to customize profile properties and permissions, while members can choose which records to display, granting them control over their privacy.

Member Profiles are auto-populated with Snapshot and on-chain proposal/vote history fostering transparency within the community. The option to link your ENS, Lens, and Summon profiles provides fellow members with greater insights into their collaborators. You can also select which NFT/POAP holdings to showcase and connect your X (formerly Twitter), Discord, Email, and Google accounts, streamlining communication like never before.

Build meaningful connections within your Web3 community

The Forum provides a designated space for the community to engage in structured discussions within a token-gated CharmVerse space. Whether it's sharing photos or discussing critical community initiatives, the Forum's flexibility accommodates various use cases. In fact, we recognize that many DAO proposals often originate from informal conversations, which is why we've made it effortless to convert a Forum post into a Proposal with just one click.

While external platforms like Discord, Telegram, or Discourse primarily serve casual conversation, the CharmVerse Forum stands out by enabling threaded discussions on specific topics. We place great value on the role of meaningful discussions in unifying communities, and thus, the CharmVerse Forum is an an essential and unifying feature.

Discuss ideas and create long form content with your community

Rewards for Engagement

CharmVerse supports payments in USDC, ETH, Polygo Matic + custom tokens
Bounties are a great way to reward members for completing tasks

Bounties are paid tasks and a great way to reward members for engaging with the community. In addition to being an excellent task management tool, CharmVerse gives you the ability to attach bounties to any task in a database. Once a community member completes a task and it is approved, the bounty can be paid out via your connected wallet or Safe. With Safe you even have the ability to pay multiple bounties with one transaction. CharmVerse currently supports payments in USDC, ETH, and Polygon Matic, including custom ERC20 tokens.

Proposal Builder

Whether it's Web3 community governance or evaluating Web3 Grant and Hackathon proposals, the CharmVerse Proposal Builder has you covered.

With two evaluation methods available, CharmVerse offers flexibility to facilitate your process. The Vote method, when utilized directly in CharmVerse, provides both single-choice and multi-choice voting options. However, through our Snapshot integration, you gain access to additional voting methods, such as ranked voting, quadratic voting, weighted voting, etc. and the results are accessible on both platforms.

The other option is our Rubric evaluation style, perfect for Web3 Grants programs and Hackathons. This method empowers a core group to assess proposals using a customizable rubric consisting of criteria of your choice. Feedback can be given and reviewers can assign scores. The Rubric option proves invaluable in helping Web3 communities effectively evaluate and reward participants.

Once the evaluation stage is complete, you have the ability to pull proposal information from the Proposals feature into a database. This allows you to compile results and easily process the evaluations of the community.

Build Your Decision Making Headquarters in CharmVerse

Web3 Native Integrations

ChamVerse offers out-of-the-box Web3 integrations such as Dune dashboards, Opensea, and Safe. These integrations offer the ability to embed elements like blockchain ecosystem analytics, NFT assets, data analytics for your DAO, etc. into your work and are the perfect complement to the Web2 components with which you are familiar.

We are still building!

CharmVerse is actively expanding its all-in-one Web3 platform, fueled by valuable user feedback and feature requests. We're especially excited about our integration with Summon that allows you to track and gamify DAO contributions through verifiable credentials. Currently, this feature is exclusively accessible to the Game7 community, but our goal is to extend it to all other CharmVerse communities in the near future.

As Web3 strives to decentralize legitimate credentials, CharmVerse is committed to building out a platform that will empower individuals to take control of their various accounts and attestations.

For example, when you apply for an Optimism Grant, CharmVerse will provide attestation to confirm your application submission. If you happen to be a grant winner, we'll attest to your victory. These attestations will be showcased on your member profile, underscoring achievements like winning the ReFi hackathon, while offering transparency and verification.

Over time, you can amass a collection of credentials based on significant events, prominently displayed on your profile. Whether you're a grant recipient, a hackathon champion, a successful proposer, or leading a major project, these attestations serve as indisputable proof of your accomplishments, eliminating the need for additional references. We're quite excited for this attestation feature so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting developments on this front!

Start using CharmVerse today!

There will always be a free version of CharmVerse that is 100% open-source, we call this the Public Goods Plan. If you choose to have a space that is 100% viewable by anyone on the internet you can use CharmVerse for free!

Even if you don't plan to have a public space, you can get started building out your space today because the first 30,000 blocks of every space is free! Once you get your CharmVerse space built out, then you can decide what plan is right for you.

Whatever plan you land on, if you are using Notion now, you can expect to pay less for CharmVerse.

With CharmVerse, you can build a space to manage members, coordinate tasks, facilitate structured discussions & decisions, and hold each other accountable.

CharmVerse is forging trust and transparency among Web3 communities

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