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Ditch Discourse: Unlock the Power of Web3 with the CharmVerse Forum

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

With new platforms constantly being built in web3, we often find ourselves bogged down managing a multitude of tools for our work in this space. A tool for discussing initiatives within our community, another where you host FAQs and support, and of course, a platform for community governance. If you're like me, you're looking to streamline the tools you use daily, so you can ultimately make community collaboration more efficient, stop managing tools, and get down to working towards the mission you're passionate about. Also, I want to use web3 native tools that empower my work in this space, rather than using web2 tools and just trying to "make it work."

Well, what if I told you there is a token-gated Forum that's web3 native, less complex than the interface of Discourse, and fulfills all of the functions I mentioned above...and more!

It's time to migrate from Discourse to now!

This magical tool is CharmVerse. CharmVerse is a web3 community platform for managing members, coordinating tasks, facilitating decisions, and holding each other accountable. Members sign in with crypto wallets and gain access via community tokens/NFTs. It combines onboarding, payment management, proposals, project trackers, and data repositories in one place. Now, we don't have time to get into all of the amazing attributes and features of CharmVerse in this article. So, today, we're discussing the CharmVerse Forum and why it's time to migrate from Discourse to now! And it's not just me that is a big fan of the CharmVerse Forum. Let's see what Jonathan Allen, Core Contributor of BitDAO & Game7, has to say about this killer feature...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Jonathan!

Before I elaborate on all of the benefits that the Forum offers, it's important to note that if you have an existing forum on Discourse, CharmVerse can help you import your data, making this transition easier than you initially thought when I first made this brilliant suggestion.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's dive into all the cool stuff that the CharmVerse Forum includes that will make engaging and conversing with your community easier, more productive, and more fun! LFG!

Unleash the Power of Token-Gated Discussions

CharmVerse offers a forum that is gated by your tokens and NFTs! Most EVM-compatible chains are supported, including but not limited to, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Harmony, Avalanche, Celo, which makes it quite versatile when setting up your permissionless space. Admins of a Space can assign roles based on token holdings and control access across the entire space and down to the Forum category level. You choose how you want to set up access to your Forum - set the default member role to have read-only access while granting core contributors the ability to upvote/downvote posts and comments. Threaded comments make the conversation easy to follow and posts by topic keep discussions organized. When we're talking about global communities that are working asynchronously toward a common goal, it's these discussions that bring communities together.

Embrace Asynchronous Collaboration

Asynchronous discussions are inevitable when operating within global communities, but they don't have to be complex. The CharmVerse forum gives community members the opportunity to participate while also offering the time one may need to consider the topic and formulate thoughtful responses. In-app notifications alert users of important conversations happening or comments that have been made on their posts. And if you choose to provide your email, you can enable email notifications to ensure you don't need to be concerned about missing conversations due to not being online at the right time

The CharmVerse Member Directory is a unique feature that plays a key role in understanding who is in your community and helps members build meaningful relationships with one another. This directory is automatically built as people join your space and pulls in data to build out your profile using ENS, Lens, and Link3 to unify your identities across web3, giving you more insight into who is upvoting or commenting on Forum posts.

Boundless Community Engagement

The Forum offers much flexibility in its use case. The modern editor incorporates essential elements like images and video, while also providing the ability to integrate web2 data sources such as Typeform and Google Forms, as well as exciting web3 elements like Dune Analytics and NFTs! These features make the CharmVerse Forum the perfect place for discussing initiatives, sharing the latest memes, hosting FAQs, and, of course, governance deliberation.

Enhancing Community Engagement and Empowering Governance

CharmVerse continues to see more communities migrating from using Discourse as their primary tool for coordinating proposals to CharmVerse due to its flexibility and all-in-one tooling.

In fact, a Forum post can simply be converted into a proposal, and will automatically appear as a draft in the Proposal Builder.

The CharmVerse Proposal Builder is a powerful tool for building a proposal and is far more effective than Discourse for engaging your community. This feature provides a guided experience, leading users through multiple stages, from draft formation to voting. Additionally, role-based access determines who can create, edit, and review proposals. By involving the community in the proposal-building process, the Proposal Builder encourages greater engagement when it comes time to vote. To help facilitate community participation, in-app notifications and emails let members know when action is required on a proposal.

While discussion platforms are often where proposals originate, CharmVerse offers a dedicated tool that transforms those ideas into tangible actions of governance, further empowering communities.

CharmVerse Forum, the Long-awaited Solution

Let's recap, shall we? Are you sick of the complex interface of Discourse? Looking for richer media, analytics, and the capability to embed NFTs and other cool stuff? Oh, and want a token-gated Forum that's web3 native?! CharmVerse Forum is the tool to discuss ideas and create long-form content with your community. CharmVerse is your all-in-one tool! It's time to streamline and make CharmVerse a central source for conversations that matter.

CharmVerse is your all-in-one tool! It's time to streamline and make CharmVerse a central source for conversations that matter.

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