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Grow your web3 community.

Build relationships, work together, & vote.

" Notion meets web3 with a great team behind it. Having a website, forum, proposals, bounties, roles on the front and every pm tool possibly conceived in the back is an instant level up."

- Gonna.eth, Optimism Grants Council Operations Manager

Public Goods

Collaborate in public


100% space viewable by anyone on the internet
Includes 500,000 blocks**

Community space with docs, databases, & forum

Member Directory, Proposal Builder, & crypto payments

Integrate with Discord, Snapshot, Safe, & NFTs/POAPs

Compatible with most EVM chains

Upload limit/video: 20MB


Onboard & engage community members


per 10K blocks** / month
over 30,000 blocks
billed annually
$12 billed monthly

Everything in Public Goods, and

Includes 30,000 blocks**

Comprehensive access control. Unlimited roles

Invite 100 guests

Custom domain

API access

Up to 200 monthly active members*

Upload limit/video: 1GB


Advanced control and support for large communities


Everything in Community, and

200+ monthly active members*

Custom block limit

Custom guest limit

Custom video upload limit

Usage & engagement analytics 

Dedicated success manager

banana split sundae

* What is an active member?

An active member is defined as a user with a CharmVerse account that performs any action within your space such as editing, viewing, commenting, voting, posting in the forum, etc.

** What is a block?

Every piece of content in CharmVerse is a block:

  • Paragraphs, images, videos, and embeds are all individual blocks,

  • Forum posts, comments, proposals, and bounties may be comprised of multiple blocks.

  • Each row or card in a database is a block and may contain multiple blocks in the body.

  • Each cell of a table may contain more than one block.

How many blocks does my community need?

Based on your community's size, here are some suggested block needs:

10,000 to 20,000 blocks:

A few contributors getting a community off the ground

50,000 to 100,000 blocks:

10 core contributors serving a 100-200 person community

Public Goods

collaborate in public

There will always be a free version of CharmVerse that is 100% open-source. To qualify for the Public Goods plan, 100% of the space needs to be viewable by anyone on the internet. As long as someone has the URL, they can VIEW the page.

You can invite as many people as you would like to your space.


The Public Goods plan includes 2 roles: Admin and Default.

  • Admins have full access to everything.

  • Default role can be assigned a limited set of permissions, including page-level permissions. One token gate can be associated with this role.

  • Everyone on the internet can view all content.


The Public Goods plan includes up to 500,000 blocks.


The Public Goods plan includes video uploads up to 20MB per video.


onboard & engage

With the Community plan, unlock comprehensive role-based access control, a custom domain, Guest invites, and API access.

Jumpstart your journey with 30,000 free blocks.

Comprehensive role-based access control

  • In addition to the Admin and Default roles, create unlimited custom roles. Import roles from Discord or Guild. Customize the permissions for each role.

  • Build unlimited token gates. Assign custom roles automatically with token-gated invite links.

Custom domain

Use your own domain to host your CharmVerse space. Fully customize the subdomain, for example, or


Guest invites

Invite up to 100 Guests to your space.

  • Guests are people who are not signed up as CharmVerse users.

  • Grant a Guest access to 1 or more pages individually via email.

  • Choose your Guest's access level to the page: full access, edit, view & comment, or view only.

  • Quickly remove a Guest's access when needed.

API access

Building an internal bot or want to analyze specific data in your space? Programmatically connect to CharmVerse using our API. 

Up to 200 Monthly active members

You can invite as many people to the space as you like, but in a single month, there can be at most 200 active members. We have seen that even in a community with thousands of people, only a small portion is active.

More than 200 active members? please speak to us about upgrading to our Enterprise Plan.

Video uploads

The Community plan includes video uploads up to 1GB per video.


build a large community

Our Enterprise plan is designed for large communities with more than 200 active members. This plan is fully customizable and comes with a dedicated success manager to help apply best practices at scale.

Integrated with your favorite web3 tools

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