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Proposal Builder

Create consistent, peer-reviewed proposals with your web3 community


Build Your Decision Making Headquarters in CharmVerse

Proposal Builder is an all-in-one governance solution for web3 grant programs, token communities, and DAOs. Organize your proposals and keep the community informed and engaged. All proposals in various stages are accessible in one place.

Create your first web3 space's free!

Evaluate proposals with Vote or Rubric

Hold a community
vote in CharmVerse

Choose from several vote types including ranked, quadratic, and weighted

Enable core team to evaluate submissions with a custom rubric

Define as many criteria as you would like

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 7.03.13 PM.png

Create consistent & effective proposals using templates

Set up default category, reviewers, evaluation type, and content for each template.

Group templates into categories to keep things organized.

Manage permissions by category. Control who can propose, review, and evaluate in each category

Guided experience through various stages
of a community proposal

Invite the community to comment, and suggest edits within a proposal draft

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 7.38.17 AM.png

Evaluate proposals by vote or rubric

Role-based access to control who can create, edit, review, and evaluate proposals

Actionable notifications only.

We try our best not to bother you. Only when there’s action required on the proposal, will we send notifications. To help facilitate community participation, we let members know when a proposal is ready to be discussed, reviewed or evaluated with in-app notifications and emails.

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