1. Verify important info periodically by your experts

  2. Bi-directional sync between Zendesk & NorthShore.ai

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Robust Slack integration


Go beyond notifications only when content is edited. NorthShore.ai enables you to access, create, share and update knowledge without ever leaving Slack. Follow coworkers, teams or topics you care about. When knowledge is created or changed, we'll keep you updated.

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Trust the knowledge you find

Store knowledge in bite-size pieces in NorthShore.ai. Assign owner to each knowledge block. We'll ask your experts to periodically check and verify, update or archive knowledge they own in our system. Keep critical information always up-to-date and bring trust back to knowledge again. 

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Personalized knowledge delivered to you

Stay in the loop by following peers and experts in your company. Personalized knowledge is delivered to you without noisy notifications. Discover new knowledge through what and whom others follow.

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Knowledge verified by your experts, available where you work 

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